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Handyman Services Tucson AZ

Handyman Services Tucson, AZ is a team of professional handymen who are jacks of all trades. Our team members surely can do anything that is related to home renovations, repairs, and more. If you need a helping hand, we are sure to be of great assistance to you. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Painting services
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall repair and installation
  • Roof Repairs
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Electricals

With our years of experience in the field, we can assure our clients of the quality of our work and the services we offer. We make sure that even if we are just the extra set of hands needed in a certain project, we still deliver the job in the best way we can, with the best of our abilities.


Roof Leak Repair Tucson AZ

Roof Leak Repair Tucson AZ - Roof Leaks: The Most Frequent Causes

A roof leak is the last thing anyone wants, regardless of how big or little their house is. Let's face it; no one wants to be frantically searching for a drip bucket every time it rains. Not only is keeping up with the weather prediction inconvenient and impracticable. Yet, even one tiny drop represents a more significant roofing problem – and we all know that roofing problems require time and money to resolve. Roof Leak Repair Tucson AZ has developed a list of The Most Frequent Causes of Roof Leaks in an effort to save you money. We will describe how they appear and why they occur.

Keep this list ready whether your roof is three years old or ten. You never know when it will mean the difference between a minor repair and a massive renovation.

Your flashing Has Become Brittle: Flashing is a thin piece of metal that is fitted beneath the shingles and on the roof's joints to provide a water-resistant barrier that can be hidden or exposed. They will appear as long runs of sheet metal if they are visible, and they will have a rubberized coating if they are hidden. Extensive cracks will appear in broken flashing.

What Causes It: Roofers frequently use tar to join the flashing, which can wear away over time. If your flashing is left exposed, elements such as wind and rain may cause it to shatter.

 Your Shingles Are Broken: Take a look! It's easy to detect this one. Because shingles comprise the roof's outer layer, you should be able to spot missing shingles on your top by looking for different-colored patches. After a terrible storm, you can discover the shingles themselves scattering your yard. Roof Leak Repair Tucson AZ will give you a full assessment of your roof to find any damage, whether it is for repair or renovation, do not worry; consultation and estimation are all for free.

What Causes It: The weather and, of course, the normal deterioration.

Your Vent Booting Has Cracks: Roof vents are the little pipes that protrude from the top of your roof. They're utilized to get rid of excess moisture from within the house. Leaks from this location will almost certainly result in dark areas and moldiness.

What Causes It: Roof vents are frequently sealed by wrapping flashing around the hole and sliding a tight rubber boot over the place where the pipe protrudes through the roof. The flashing may break or the roof may deteriorate over time.

You have Clogged Gutters: When you look up onto your roof, you might be able to see the leaves hanging out of the gutter. If not, the lack of water dripping out of a downspout during a rainfall should be noticeable.

What Causes It: Gutter Repairing in Tucson explains that your gutters are designed to direct water away from your roof. That travel comes to a halt when an obstruction arises and they become clogged. Rainwater will collect in one region of the roof, giving it more chances to infiltrate through fractures.

Your Chimney Is Cracked: Typically, symptoms of wear and tear can be found around the mud cap, or mortared zone, around the top of the chimney. You should also inspect the mortared connections where the chimney meets the roof for any holes. Also, keep an eye out for any loose flashing or shingles in the area.

What Causes It: Mortar is a thick mixture of water, sand, and cement that is used to build walls. It is easily eroded in adverse weather conditions, Chimney Repairing in Tucson stresses.!

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